Friday, October 5, 2007

Irmikli Sutlu Tatli (Pudding with Semolina)

I love deserts that are made of milk. After my number one dessert "sutlac", which we will give the recipe in future posts (hopefully), and number two fake chicken breast pudding, this one is number three. If you want to prepare something sweet but you're on a diet or you want something light, you should give this delicious pudding a try.


12 tbs sugar
12 tbs semolina
0.26 gal (1 lt) milk
1/2 tbs unsweetened butter (or margarine)
1 tbs vanilla
Some small oreos (this is optional)


1. Stir milk, sugar and semolina in a pan.

2. Simmer the mixture by mixing it with a mixer or a spoon.

3. Add vanilla and mix it.

4. Put the butter into the mixture and melt it by mixing the pudding.

5. Pour some water into a pyrex (or a glass rectangular pin) and wash the inside. This will give you the easiness when you try to take the slices out.

6. Pour the half of the pudding into the pyrex. Put some small diet oreos, if you like, on the pudding. Then pour the remaining pudding.

7. You can decorate the top with oreos or with chopped walnuts.