Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hi guys,

We’re two Turkish ladies living in Florida, one (minikkus) in Gainesville and the other (ayseyaman) in Orlando. We both have cooking blogs in Turkish. Our friends keep asking us about the English version of our blogs. Finally, we decided to combine our powers and have a joint cooking blog in English. We’re still preparing new posts for you. Let us give you some food names that are on preparation for you: Burma Baklava (twisted baklava), Manti (Turkish meat pastry), Pogaca (pastry with cheese filling), Yaprak sarmasi (stuffed grape leaves), Karniyarik (stuffed eggplant), Borek (cheese Pie), Tavuk Gogsu (a kind of Turkish pudding), Gozleme, different kinds of breads, pies, tarts, cookies, hummus and more :)

Since we're living in the States, we have a great opportunity to meet with international people and to learn about their culture and cuisine. Also, we both like trying new recipes, so you'll find different recipes from all over the world in this blog.

Follow the great smell, you will find us here :) Enjoy!